Varin Enterprises- Domestic Engineering - Hoarding and Housecleaning Experts
We are hoarding and housecleaning experts.
Whether you have a hoarding situation or need a professional house cleaner to help you manage your home- we are here for you.
Our Housecleaning Services
The internet has changed the way most people do business but not here at Varin Enterprises/ Domestic Engineering.
Forty two years in the cleaning business means we must be doing something right.
We feel that hiring a professional housecleaner is a serious business and that is why for your safety and ours we still do the following:

  • Personally visit your home to determine your cleaning needs. There is no cost or obligation for this service.

  • Show you our references, real people you can call to verify our dependability, honesty and cleaning expertise.
  • Schedule the same people to clean your home so they become familiar with your cleaning preferences.
  • Furnish the cleaning supplies and equipment to make sure you get the best cleaning possible.
  • Offer you hourly rates to fit your budget.
This takes a little more time and effort but we feel it's important so that our clients get the best housecleaning service available. We are not a franchise, we are a family owned cleaning company and proud of our long record of service.
At Varin Enterprises/Domestic Engineering we understand what housecleaning is all about and we'll help you refresh the look of your home from a one room clean to a whole house clean. We'll work with you to come up with a comprehensive housecleaning plan for the work you want to have done. With our many years of housecleaning experience and a variety of cleaning schedules we guarantee you'll be satisfied. For more information, give us a call at (651) 342-1385  (651) 442-3333)  today. Look around our web site at some of our references, check out our services and find out how easy it is to have a cleaner home!

We make housecleaning easy!
Help is just a phone call away!
(651) 342-1385

(651)  442-3333

We dust all wood furniture, vacuum drapes and uphlostered furniture, clean inside windows and patio doors, change sheets and make beds and spot clean walls.
Our Hoarding Clean-Up Service
We are trained in Hoarding Clean Up!
If you have a parent or relative that needs help with getting their home back to livable and safe conditions we can do it for you.
These clients need special attention and our employees are well trained in this area. We have been working for Ramsey County for over 25 years and have excellent references.
Hoarding can be a life threatening condition.
See our Hoarding page for more information.

Call us at (651) 342-1385  or  (651)  442-3333 to arrange for a free consultation
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