Who We Are


Schar Ward Cleaning Consultant
Varin Enterprises/Domestic Engineering

Schar is a published author of two books on cleaning. "Coming Clean" a step by step cleaning book for your home and "It's About Time" a time management book.
She was a contributing writer for "Dog Fancy" Magazine for two years and has appeared on numerous television and radio shows sharing her cleaning expertise.

The new book is here! Teaching Children to Clean is now available at Amazon.com and Barnes and Noble. Get your copy today!

Deb and Perry Varin Owners Varin Enterprises/Domestic Engineering

Deb worked for her mother for several years perfecting her cleaning skills and in January 2015 she and her husband Perry decided to open their own cleaning service.
Perry has many how-to repair skills and is a valuable asset to the company. The two working together make a great team. They are all about family- on and off the job.