A Pro's Cleaning Challenge Hit List

I was recently asked by Family Handyman magazine to compile a list of things that you would not find in a professional house cleaner's home. I was amazed at how long the list became as I went from room to room listing my pet peeves on furnishings! Here are just a few:

Beds pushed up against the wall. This makes it difficult to change the bedding.
Non-removable couch cushions. Cushions last longer if they can be rotated.
Too many throw rugs. Moving then to clean under is a pain.
Mission-style furniture. All the little grooves make dusting very time-consuming.
Fancy light fixtures. They usually don't get cleaned because no one wants to take them apart.
Lots of throw pillows on a sofa or bed. Bed-making is hard enough without adding an extra chore to the job.
Flat Paint. You cannot remove the spots and fingerprints.
China Hutches. These are filled with seldom-used dishes and dust.
Wooden coffee tables with glass inserts. You must remove the glass to clean the table properly.
Tufted upholstered furniture of any kind. The little indentations need vacuuming frequently.
Bedskirts. They never hang correctly.
Mini blinds. Choose a wide slat for easier dusting.
Louvered doors. Each little slat will need your attention.
Mirrored closet doors. Need I say why?
Small shower tiles. The larger the tile, the less grout to clean.
Square or odd-shaped sinks. A round or oval is easier to keep clean.
Jacuzzi baths. These are seldom used, take up a lot of space, and challenging to clean.
Medicine cabinets with sliding doors. Cleaning the toothpaste from the tracks is time-consuming.
Wicker wastebasket. Have you ever tried removing gum from one of these? Clean and simple is the keyword here.
Hard to clean light fixtures in a bathroom. Hair products are flying through the air sticking to everything, including lightbulbs.
Protruding designs or grooves on the cabinet fronts. Dust catchers.
Open shelving. This makes for one more area to keep organized and clean.
Water dispenser on the outside of a refrigerator. Lime builds-up making it impossible to keep clean.
Two faucets on a sink. One faucet that dispensed both hot and cold is all you need.
Ornate kitchen cabinet handles. Just think about how often you touch handles and how anything with grooves will harbor germs.
Flooring with pits and indentations. Anytime you see indentations, think brush.

Well, that is my list. If you want to eliminate some cleaning, you may want to change a few things. Just remember-- Multiple surfaces multiples the work!