How to Clean Your House During Covid 19

We are all trying to keep safe during this trying time, washing our hands until they are raw, scrambling to find enough paper towels, and searching for the right mask. But as this strain of coronavirus is thought to be able to survive on hard surfaces for up to 72 hours, and other germs even longer are there more things we could do to make our home really clean? Yes, there is and I will share with you the methods that we at Varin Enterprises use in our home cleanings.
1. Use a three-step procedure for cleaning. Clean all surfaces with a detergent solution-then wipe down the surface with a cloth dipped in an alcohol-based cleaner to disinfect- let disinfectant set on the surface for at least one minute, then wipe dry.
2. Don't overlook cleaning these hotspots, toilet handles, doorknobs, light switches, banisters, teakettle handles, and faucets. And remember your shared devices, remotes, phones, computer keyboards, and game controllers. Do not spray a liquid on the shared devices. Wipe with a microfiber cloth spritzed with a disinfectant cleaner.
3. Have everyone leave their shoes outside the door. They have the potential to introduce germs. And it doesn't hurt to spritz the bottom of the shoes occasionally to keep them germ-free
4. Let the disinfectant do the work for you. The effectiveness of a disinfectant doesn't just depend on its ingredients, the length of time it it takes to work also comes into play. Leave it on hard surfaces for at least one minute, but preferably three. Change cleaning cloths and buckets filled with cleaning solutions for each room in the house. Make sure you wash the cleaning cloths twice and adding some Borax (It's a good disinfectant) will make them even more sanitary.
So stay safe, and God Bless everyone.