Are You a Junkaholic?

I am writing a new book entittled Are You a Junkaholic? I have worked with junk addicts for forty years and I have discovered that they need explicit directions when it comes to getting rid of their junk. One of my suggestions is to take a Home Excess inventory. it's very simple to do, and the results can be amazing.

Go into one room with pencil and paper and list everything you see in that room. When I say everything, I mean everything, even if you intend to throw it out immediately. Not just the big stuff like the furniture and valuables, but everything you ever bought or were given that now takes up space in this room. Inventory everything!

Lists like accounts payable, always have more impact and reality than just thinking about something.If you emptied all the stuff in one room in the middle of the floor, and spread it out, you would gasp for breath and wonder who multiplied it after you put it away.

An inventory will make you fully aware of all the exces stuff you own. Almost every room has a catch-all of one sort or another whether it's a drawer, a cabinet, or a dish, so, don't skip those items.

This is just one of the ways I suggest people do to try and remove excess junk, there will be many more in my new book.