Cleaning Your House Can Help You Lose Weight!

Yes, you heard me, house cleaning is great exercise. Here is a list of household chores and how many calories each of them can burn in fifteen minutes. Sweeping floors- 39, washing windows-34, washing dishes-22, mopping floors-43, scrubbing floors on hands and knees-48, Vacuuming-43, doing laundry17, making the bed-17, light cleaning such as dusting or organizing- 26, washing dishes and clearing the table-26, ironing-22, cooking or food prep while standing- 26, grocery shopping- 22, moving household items upstairs, carrying boxes- 85, So, now you can calculate what you need to do if you want to eat that extra doughnut. In my first book "Coming Clean" I had a chapter entitled Lean and Clean. It included the Rag doll Rag which consisted of putting your arms over your head and reaching for the ceiling as far as you could, than flopping over at the waist like a rag doll for five times. It helps get your circulation moving and works wonders for tension. Dish-co was using a full arm circular motion to wash the dishes, reversing the motion every few swipes. This helps tone the arms. and strengthen the waist. The Vacuum Two-Step involves holding the vacuum cleaner in the right hand and the left arm out to your side, like a dancer. Then lunge forward on your right foot, pushing the vacuum in front of you. Return to your original position, feet together. Move the body 30 degrees right, lunge again. and then at 90 degrees. Change sides and repeat with the left side. Then move to another part of the floor and repeat the sequence. Your thighs benefit from this exercise. So, go out there and stretch when you shine, hop when you mop and wiggle when you wax. Soon you'll be neat as a pin, and just as thin!