De-Junking the Bathroom

The bathroom can take longer to clean than a large living room. That's because per square foot, bathrooms have more dirt and clutter areas- cabinets,shelves,fixtures ledges and vanities. Too many towels, too many magazines and far too many personal care items, and all of this is bathed constantly in moisture and soap scum.
Start with the medicine cabinet. The first thing you will notice when you force yourself to open the toothpaste-spattered door is that one quarter of the stuff here really doesn't belong in the medicine cabinet. Old flashlights, night lights, class rings, WD-40, find a new home for this stuff. Then move on to the sorting.
Get rid of rusty razors, frizzled toothbrushes, capsules and tablets you wouldn't dare take, because you are not sure what they are, The tiny tube of cream they gave you after your wart-removal operation ten years ago and said apply for three days, The dozens of drug samples , Toothpaste you will never use again and the many travel size bottles of almost everything.
Now get to the sink area - below and underneath. Dispose of any non-working hair dryers, curling irons and any duplicate appliance. Throw out all those lipsticks, nail polishes, miracle wrinkle creams and anything you no longer use. Get rid of the bottles of oils and bath salts you bought in 1950. Soap you don't like the smell of and would never use even if you were out of everything (including dish soap). Eight- year old air freshener (it's not fresh anymore).
Once you have these areas under control, cleanse the drawers. Don't let sneaky spots get by you. The tub ledge and toilet tank top were made for functional purposes, not for holding decorations and crocheted clutter holders. When you are all done, take a bath and enjoy the feeling of having a clutter free bathroom.