De-Junking the Bedroom

You have cleaned out and organized your closet, and now it's time to tackle the rest of the bedroom. Maybe it's the fact that most bedrooms are located somewhere back out of the way, but bedrooms quietly accumulate a lot of clutter, or it could be that it's just too easy to close the door and forget about that room. But no more! You are on a mission to de-junk your life,
Dresser junk. There are two major categories here, Dresser top junk and dresser drawer junk. Dresser tops have a flat surface which makes them a very alluring place to plop stuff. Most of what's stacked up here was never intended for permanent display, and discourages anyone from attempting to dust the dresser. You will need an empty shoe-box or small plastic bin for each family member. Scoop all the stuff up and sort it according to who parked it there, then hand it to them to find a decent home for it or dispose of it. Clean the top of the dresser. Now, put the keep things from your shoe-box back on the dresser. Most dresser drawers are occupied with obsolete or never used stuff. The top drawers are usually the worst. They are filled with loose change, old check stubs from the account you had in high school, matchbooks, strange buttons, and tangled hair ribbons. The rest of the drawers usually contain shrunken sweatshirts, pantyhose with runs, never used evening bags, and lingerie you would not dare to wear anymore. Sort the stuff, clean the drawer and replace the good items. The bed- get rid of the dust ruffles, and fancy pillows that you don't want to deal with every morning. Under the bed- the lack of visibility here is solid inducement not only to stash stuff but also avoid looking at it. So, pull out all that stuff you shoved under there and if you haven't used it in a year, get rid of it. The nightstands and headboard- Toss those broken eyeglasses, empty nose drop bottles, empty tissue boxes and unfinished books. And last but not least, the exercise junk. The treadmill you no longer tread on, the exercise bike you are now using as a coat rack and the large red ball you roll out of your way every time you get out of bed, You will sleep so much better knowing you are making a difference in your life.