De-Junking the Linen Closet

The linen closet is usually so crowded you can't find anything and too often a refuge for everything. Start by getting rid of all the stuff in the back- and top and bottom shelves that don't belong there. You'll most likely find forgotten vaporizers, shorted out electric blankets, old rolls of wall paper and boxes of expired insurance policies. Then move on to the malingerers amidst the linen.
Remove all fitted sheets for beds you no longer have, the raggedy beach towel you found floating in the creek, excess towels and washcloths, the table runner you never used, your unworn apron collection, tablecloths and napkins you don't use because you have to iron them, disintegrating dishrags, burned potholders, the purple bathroom toilet tank set, old shower curtains and the incredibly unrestful sheet set someone left behind. Organize the closet by keeping same items together. Color coding is great for kids. Buying them different colored sheets for their beds helps them find their linen quickly. Place the fitted sheet inside the folded flat sheet with the pillow cases for each bed. This makes for easier bed making. Last of all- place a few drops of your favorite essential oil on a cotton ball and place on a shelf (make sure it does not touch the linen) and you will have fresh smelling linen all the time.