De-Junking the living Room

Living rooms tend to be over-decorated and over-furnished. Which as we all know, causes more cleaning. Let me give you a few examples for you to work on.
Excess pillows- sometimes you can barely see the sofa for all the pillows on it. A few is fine, but twenty five is too many. Houseplants- They give a nice look to the room, but when the bloom is off the Christmas cactus and the Norway pine is naked of needles, it's time for them to go. Large wedding pictures- if they are still on the wall and you are celebrating your twentieth anniversary, trust me nobody wants to look at them anymore. Ugly hassocks and foot stools that you no longer use, but trip over everyday- get rid of them before you fall and hurt yourself. Entertainment clutter- empty plastic cassette cases, a dozen remotes for things you even anymore, and broken gaming consoles, toss them all out. Reading matter-books the dog has chewed up but you still think you will read some rainy day, it won't happen say goodbye to them. Piles of outdated phone books and magazines you bought from your kids school fund raiser ten years ago. Framed family photos which would look much nicer combined into one pretty wall frame and much easier to clean. Leaking beanbag chairs, cushions with the stuffing coming out, and chipped knickknacks, all need to go. The living room will be more livable with these things removed. And please don't forget to replace the missing drapery hooks