De-junking yYour Closet

Today is the day to actually de-junk an area of your home. You've recognized, your junk, repented about the condition of your house and now you can remove the stuff that has been messing up your life. You have most likely chosen an area that bothers you the most and I'm going to guess it's your closet. I've seen closets packed so tight they didn't need hangers, the clothes were suspended by pressure. Most of us have clothes so old and unworn we don't even remember having them but they are still hanging in the closet getting stiff and brittle.
Make four piles, keep, donate, throw out and maybe. If you pick a day you're feeling a little ugly, you will make quick work out of the maybe pile. Of course you will want to try some things on but that can really slow you down. Instead, determine your actual size and only keep the clothes in that size. If you are a size sixteen, don't keep the eights and tens, let's face it, you will probably not lose the forty pounds you would need to lose to fit into them. And if you do lose it, you deserve to treat yourself to some new clothes. Here is a checklist to help you choose your piles. Throw out- anything that is stained, torn, missing buttons or zippers, smells like a dead cat, beat-up purses, single gloves or shoes, suits with no skirts or pants, tap shoes, Bell bottoms, terrible ties or scarves and hats you have never put on your head.
Donate-if in good condition- Dresses, skirts and pants that are not the right length, the dress you will never have the guts to wear anymore, anything you are hanging onto hoping it will come back in style, anything scratchy or uncomfortable, the blouse that's too see- through, the suit that looks good on the hanger, but not on you, the pants that make you look too fat, and anything you always liked the idea of wearing, better than wearing it, If you are seventy years old, you can safely throw out your maternity clothes.
The keep pile- hang in your closet, keeping like pieces together, Put out of season clothes in the back of the closet, so you don't have to rummage through them to find what you need now. The maybe pile- put them in a see through plastic bin and if you don't need anything from the bin in one year, toss the entire bin without looking in it. Now, listen carefully, you will hear your closet sigh with relief when you are finished de-junking!