I was searching the internet the other day and I realized how many things people are letting someone else decide for them. For example: If you want government contracts there is a company that will find them for you. If you want housecleaning there are several companies that boast they know the best ones for you. There all types of companies offering to help you find something- for a fee of course. What ever happened to doing your own investigating about a service you need. For instance if I need a new vacuum cleaner I go to a vacuum cleaner repair shop for advice- someone who works with these machines and knows which are the best. if I need a new car, I check with car repair shops that I trust. If I am buying a new appliance I check with the Consumer Guide who test these items. If I need a yard mowed, a deck built or some other labor work, I check with my friends and neighbors who have had someone do these tasks for them. Have we lost our ability to make decisions for our self? Or are we too busy, Call me old fashioned (which I am ) but I want to talk with real people who have met the and worked with the people I need, not a company that will give me a list of people they think are good and have never even met the owners. And I don't trust the reviews of any product or service that I am buying on line. Most of those aren't honest and if they are the company will try to get them pushed to the bottom of the list. We had this experience recently where a very unhappy woman wrote a terrible review about us and we had to do this. People get mad and post things that aren't true and later regret it. Words can and do hurt people and companies. if you have a complaint with a company take it up with the Better business Association- that is what they are used for. Another day of random thoughts I wanted to share.