Getting in the Mood to De-junk!

Some of the most effective de-junking is spontaneous--so go with your mood for the day. Don't worry about scheduling: just do get to it at least two times a week--and that won't be hard once you begin to feel the joy and freedom of being de-junked.
Happy: Toss out all outdated sentimental stuff,
Sad: Keep it simple and physical, like moving or hauling things away.
Spiritual: Throw out the plain-brown-wrapper junk.
Angry: Any de-junking that involves flattening, smashing or breaking up something.
Revengeful: Old gifts you always hated or ex-spouse's stuff.
Urge to Kill: Grab the scissors and shear through all those old papers.
Depressed: Anything out of style, or ugly.
Broke: Sort out anything and everything that could be sold.
Energetic: Dig-in and do a lot of sorting and putting away.
Playful: Go after those games and puzzles with missing pieces.
Nostalgic: You might be safe sorting through old coupons.
Adventurous: Explore the attic and basement for junk.
Rebellious: Get rid of government and old school clutter.
Fed Up: The field is your.
If the mood method of de-junking doesn't work for you, I will post a scheduled method tomorrow.
Hang in there, you can do this.