Getting Your Husband to Help Around the House by Overcoming His Excuses

You need some help around the house but everyone has an excuse. Here are some quick come-backs for you. 1. It's my day off... Tell the dishes that. 2. You're better at cleaning... I bet you could give me some stiff competition if you tried. 3. It doesn't need doing yet..... Haven't you heard? Preventive maintenance is in. 4. I don't know where to start..... A simple yes would be wonderful! 5. I don't mind a mess.. Is that why you keep making them? 6. If you didn't nag me all the time, I would do it.... I didn't nag you the first ten years--and you never did it. 7. With a degree in theoretical physics, you expect me to do manual labor?.... The challenges of housework should be a cinch for a mind like yours. 8. Why can't the kids help?... They can, they just need an example to see how it's done. 9. My mother always did it.... She might be willing to take you back. 10. Just leave it be, I will take care of it... I think "Leave it" is the key word here.