Homemade Christmas Gifts - Make it Hard

Your grandmother made you a sweater, with her own hands. You say you love it, but you know you will never wear it. Your child crafted you a picture frame out cotton balls, but where do you put it? Show me someone who can easily part with even the most obnoxiously misspelled handicraft Besides being heavy to lift, those precious handmade plaster hand casts, end tables, and jewelry boxes are durable as granite and will survive six generations. Once made, you're stuck: since you usually don't want to be seen with them, they don't have a chance to wear out or get broken. I have a solid respect for what those schools and camps produce through a bunch of kids. They embalm a pile of popsicle sticks with white glue and those babies are indestructible! Earthquake, flood, or fire - they will survive it all, so don't consider any arsonistic approaches. And of course no one in their right mind would steal them. What is the solution? I'm stumped, and I have a three-inch-thick wooden soap holder, a painted rock, and a pine-cone panther mounted on a slab of barnwood staring me in the face right now. If there are tender feelings involved, it's probably worth the sacrifice to use it - it's no worse than telling someone how great his or her cooking is when it really requires a Rolaid encore. If not, try to have it disappear on a transfer from home to office Sneakiest of all is feigning a real act of love- give it back to them as a cherished memento of you to appreciate ( they'll trash it. instantly. without a qualm!