Observing our young people today, I'm amazed at how little they know about manners, respect of elders, their family history or the history of the great country we live in.
What Happened? Don't those things matter anymore? I'm not saying every young person falls into that catagory, but I think when we are to the point, where when seeing a young person show kindness and respect, brings tear to your eyes, we are in trouble. Example:
I was trying to enter a department store a few months ago and after having several people young and older go around me, letting the door shut in my face, a young man grabbed the door and held it open for me. I was so impressed, I quickly said " Thank you young man". He replied with "Your're sure welcome Ma'am." I said" I haven't heard the word Ma'am for a long time" He said " Well you sure ort to Ma'am". I realized with that phrasing, he must be from the south.
He not only held the door,, but made sure I entered safely and stopped to chat for awhile. Explaining to me that he was up here in Minnesota playing with a band trying to make something out of himself. Another southern phrase, I hadn't heard since I was a small child.
I'm sure that moment passed quickly for him and he thought nothing of it,, but to me it was so rare I will remember it for a long time.
I was taught to stand up when an older person entered the room, give them my chair if none was available, Say " Yes Ma'am, no Ma'am", yes Sir. no Sir" and Hello to everyone. Never take the last of anything on the dinner table without asking. Sit still in church and listen, don't speak when a grown-up is speaking and never ever- say a swear word.
.. Teaching children respect, manners and to listen is important-and it just might help them make something of themeselves!