Party Cleaning Pointers

The holidays are coming and that means lots of entertaining which leads to more cleaning. Here are a two tips to help you get through the holidays. The average party generates thirty-one stains, twelve of which are on the best furniture and at least half of which are red dye base, plus four broken and seventeen left or lost things, three scratches, countless pounds of scattered litter and waste. The most obvious but seldom-practiced party precautions is to triple the waste containers throughout the party area outside and in. Every guest (even the drunks) will look for a disposal site first, and if one is right at his elbow, he will make use of it, and others will follow suit. Likewise, once one slob slings sausage on the silk centerpiece, others will follow-you can count on it. The second secret (secret because even though everyone knows it, no one does it) is that there is more to life and human affairs that trying to decide what and how much to eat. Limit the hors d"oeuvres and drinks to a non-messy select group. Two kinds of sandwiches and a couple of drink choices are plenty. More means indecision and waste in a guest's hand, and a mess later on yours. At your next party put plenty of trash baskets around and pile up less goodies. and you will have much less of a house hanhover!