Protecting You and your Family when traveling on a Plane

Flu numbers continue to rise throughout the country and families are preparing to hop flights to warmer places. With the flu and coronavirus the airplane can seem like a large germ box. So, where is the best place to sit on a plane to keep from being infected? It doesn't really matter where you sit on the plane, germs will find you. You are going to get exposed to germs being in a crowded area. Hopefully, everyone on the plane will cover their coughs properly. The practice of coughing or sneezing into your coat sleeve doesn't do much to trap germs. The formites (the particles you sneeze or cough out) still escape and cling to the sleeve. A thick bunch of tissue that can be disposed of is the best way to stop the germs. If you could look at a slow- motion video of someone sneezing, you can see the spray coming out of people when they cough. Maybe the airlines should show this type of video to passengers to make people more aware of how important it is to cover a cough or sneeze.
Carry a box of wipes with you and wipe down the arm rests, trays, etc. Wash your hands often and well. The soap is not as important as how long you wash your hands under running water. Twenty to thirty seconds is necessary to kill germs. In my Teaching children to Clean book, I instruct parents to teach their children to sing a little song so they will know the proper amount of time to wash their hands. It goes like this: Wash, wash your hands, play our little game, rub and scrub, scrub and rub, dirt goes down the drain. Sing it two times to the tune of Row, Row, row your boat. Works fro grown-ups also.