Recognizing Your Junk State

There is one more thing for you to do before you set your de-junking schedule. You need to make an assessment of all your junk. You need to be fully aware of how many things you have, A good way to do this, is to take a piece of paper and using a pencil make ten columns on the left hand side of the paper.
Label the columns as follows: Paper, Clothes, Containers, Gadgets, Unwanted Sentimental Stuff, Grooming Junk, Hobby and Sport Clutter, Furniture, Gifts and Souvenirs, and Toys.
Walk through your house with the pencil and paper ( if you have room to walk) and count how many of these items you own, You will be amazed at what you possess, probably too much to count. This exercise will help you to recognize your problem areas and decide where you should start your de-junking. Now, you are ready for the Repent stage of de-junking. Don't be overwhelmed by it all. You are dealing with the results of a lifetime of gathering , stuffing and packing things into your place. Undoing it will take some work and determination, but it can be done. Stick to the plan and I promise you, that the reward of your clean and organized space will surpass anything you ever did. The next post will be about the right schedule for you.