School Papers and Projects

After investing many dollars to bring our babies into the world, then another $15,000.00 to $25,000.00 to get them six years old and into school ( plus an incalculable amount of love, effort, and emotion along the way), we seek evidence to assure ourselves they are going to be productive people. The first trickle of assurance comes in the form of some scribbled art done in kindergarten, and we snatch it up and place it into scrapbook storage. By first grade we actually see intelligent words (even if the letters are a little out of alignment); every sheet is collected. By the second grade sentences are being produced and they overcrowd the scrapbook and stuff the drawer. By the eighth grade, we have mountains and foothills of evidence that our offspring indeed are literate. Once we're satisfied our kids have made it, we still can't dump the stuff, because surely our kids" kids will want to see how their parents did- so we keep those school papers for the grandkids! Don't try to keep them all- just enough to be a decent sampling-and store the ones you save in a folder. Take a picture of the art and keep that instead, it takes up less room. Four workbooks for every grade will end up junking you. A few representative "works" for each grade really should suffice to soothe any pangs for fleeting childhood.