Seven Tips for Whittling Down Your Wardrobe

No matter how rich you are, whether it was a gift or not, non-used clothes are clutter. When you have so many clothes that they can't fit into the normal closets of s normal home- condo, dorm room, or apartment-you have too many! Remember, there's only one of you-and if you have to stash and box and truck clothes away to get room for the one's your're actually wearing, you have too many. I'm not in any danger of being elected to the ten best dressed list, but I try to always be presentable. The clothes in my closet take up only five feet of width. I have better things to do than sort through a dry-goods store inventory every morning. Here are seven tips for whittling down your closet. 1. If it's not flattering to you-the color or the cut is wrong- pull it out. 2. If it doesn't fit or it;s had not comfortable-you have to suck in your stomach, you can't bend over, or it's itchy-pull it out. 3. If it's too complicated- if you have to wrap or tuck, or tie it just so. or if you have to remember to straighten the sash, or pull the bodice up every ten minutes, pull it out.
4. If it's too fragile- if you can only wear it where there won't be any food or drink or animals, where it won't be too hot because you don't want to sweat in it or too cold because a coat or jacket will wrinkle it- pull it out. 5. If it's badly damaged or has an important part that you probably won't replace - pull it out.
6. If it needs to be altered or repaired before you can wear it again- pull it out. 7. If you wear it never or very rarely )because your lifestyle has changed or it just isn't called for more than once a half century), or you can only wear it with certain things (that you don't have or really don't like to wear) - pull it out. Leave in your closet everything you wear consistently and feel good in; and get rid of the rest. You will be amazed at how quickly you will be able to get dressed after you do this.