Signs of a Serious Junk Problem

You may have a serious junk problem if you:
Hide when the doorbell rings
Wear your coat when you answer the door so your caller will think you were just leaving
Wait until dark to pull the car into the garage
Live in fear that someone you respect may someday open one of your closets
Have to think about how to cross a room
Finally find the Christmas tree lights while hunting for the Easter baskets
Finally replace a badly worn or broken part- then keep that broken part
Fear lifting the lid on some of the Tupperware containers in your refrigerator
Hide the tangled contents of a messy drawer by laying a couple of neatly folded things over the top
Drag your 22-cubic foot chest freezer into the yard to keep the repairman from coming into the house
Have an unquenchable desire to paw through a moving neighbor's garbage before the trash truck comes
If you have three of these problems-not so bad. More than six,-help is needed. All of these problems- get help immediately.