Summer Guests- How to Clean up After Them!

There;s no doubt that a lot of the messes we clean up aren't ours but those left by relatives, neighbors, and friends. We love to have people come by, and most visitors leave a good feeling, but many also unthinkingly leave a mess also. Crumbs and spills, dirty dishes, crumpled napkins and candy wrappers, wet towels and toys left out- the list goes on and on. When all this is left for you to clean up, it's a big job and can dampen the afterglow of a pleasant visit.

A lot can be done to change this, and it's mainly a matter of training your guests. If you act like you don't care, others simply won't worry about leaving a mess. If you give them some good hints that you expect them to pick up after thenselves and make it easy for them to do so, most people will coopeate, and that even includes grandkids!

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