Where is the Best Place to Store Cleaning Supplies?

"Under the kitchen sink" isn't the answer-yet most of us have the entire supermarket aisle selection under there, nice and handy for breaking our back and bumping our head and for the little ones to get into. There's rusting cans, bottles with disintegrating labels, and boxed cleaners that have turned into unidentifiable white lumps surrounded by soggy cardboard. All these items just waiting to be leaked on should your plumbing break. This is not a place to store your cleaning goodies. If you just removed all the snoutless aerosols. anything that's rusted shut or ruined, the accidental duplicates, the free samples you will never try, and the bottles and jugs that contain only a teaspoon of something-you could reduce the volume by half. Central storage isn't what you are after. It makes more sense to keep as much cleaning equipment as possible right where you use it. This means white nylon scrub sponge , all purpose cleaner, angle broom, dustpan, in the kitchen. A little basket of the most used cleaning supplies , including a spray disinfectant in each bathroom. This really reduces steps. Having a vacuum cleaner on each floor is ideal.A good cleaning cupboard has a couple of good coats of enamel paint on the walls, no carpet, and a louvered door for ventilation. Always store cleaning chemicals high enough that children cannot reach them. Hanging up mops and brooms helps them last longer.