Which is Better, a Dish Cloth or a Sponge to Wash Dishes??

This is a question we are asked often. So, let's compare them. A sponge is easier to handle, you can even cut them to fit your hand. They hold five times the liquid a cloth does. A sponge will soak up liquid liquids more speedily. They work well on flat surfaces. With a cloth, you can exert more finger power. They are far superior for situations where it's important to be able to come up with a lot of clean sides. A cloth can fit into very small spaces. So there you have it, either one will do the job. My personal preference as a professional house cleaner is a dish cloth. I think sponges will stay damp longer and hold more germs. I keep a cheese shaker filled with baking soda and a few drops of essential oil next to my kitchen sink and after washing dishes I pour the mixture over the dishcloth and rinse under running water. This procedure keeps my dish cloth smelling great. You can also do this with sponges. If you choose to use sponges, choose a nice cellulose sponge or if you are feeling flush, consider a natural sea sponge.