The biggest challenge people face today in cleaning their homes is time, so we make our schedules as flexible as possible. We offer one-time, Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and once monthly. We also do home and apartment move-out cleaning. If you can't afford to have a whole house cleaned, you can choose the type of cleaning you want that will fit your cleaning budget. We furnish all cleaning equipment and supplies. We have Worker's Compensation and Liability Insurance on our employees, so you never have to worry about a thing! We will do special jobs upon request, such as inside refrigerators, inside kitchen cupboards, changing bedding, etc.

Although the internet has changed how some cleaning companies do business, we still take the same safety precautions. We personally visit each home to asses your cleaning needs. We bring references of clients you may call. What better way to hire a cleaning service than to speak directly to someone who is using them? Some people may say we are a little old-fashioned, but we know what works and want to ensure you get the best cleaning job possible. After all, we have been cleaning homes in the Twin Cities area since 1973.

We are family owned and operated. We have the knowledge and efficiency that comes from years of experience.

We have excellent references. Your clean home is just a phone call away! Deb (651) 442-3333


Selling your home? Too busy to clean it before you move? Any realtor will tell you that a clean home will sell faster. Clean sells! Let us help you make the sale!

Moving from your apartment- want to get your rent deposit back? We know all the things to clean to make this happen, like from moving out the stove and refrigerator to clean underneath- light fixtures- bathroom tile and showers.
We work for many building managers who depend on us to get the job done efficiently, quickly and on time. Deb (651) 442-3333