Office Cleaning


Have you ever walked into a Doctor or Dentist's office and thought "This place could use a good cleaning"? We have, and that is why we added office cleaning to our service menu.

At Domestic Engineering Cleaning Service, we believe first impressions are important, so we do our very best to make sure that the impression you make on your client is the best it can be.

Our experience in house cleaning gives us an edge. Domestic Engineering office cleaners have all been housecleaners before cleaning offices. We treat your office like a home, giving it the detailed cleaning it deserves

Items some cleaning companies miss:

Chair legs

Lamp Shades

Ceiling fans

Carpet area close to wall

Tops of drawers


Artificial plants

In the bathrooms, which is the most important room to keep clean they miss even more.

Back splash on sink

Corners of tile floors

Exposed water pipes

Walls near urinal

Sides of the toilet

Wall under paper towel holder

Toilet paper holders